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EP Health & Wellness, PLLC

Our team is dedicated to providing individualized and convenient healthcare services for patients & family members, when they need it the most, while in the comfort of their own homes. 


IV Hydration all in the Comfort of Your Chosen Location

EP Health and Wellness comes to you. Whether in the relaxing surroundings of your home, hotel accommodations or private office. Give yourself every advantage to be in top physical and mental form with our prompt, mobile and reasonably priced I.V. recovery and wellness treatments.

We utilize Virtual Telehealth visits to provide healthcare services and build a foundation of strong, caring & compassionate relationships.
The goal is to allow Texans easy, accessible & affordable healthcare.

Call to schedule an appointment (915) 603-4222

Accepting New Patients. 


  • Mobile IV Hydration

  • Primary Care

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • House Call visits by the Providers

  • Mental Health

  • Individualized Patient Care Planning & Coordination

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